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At Harty’s we pride ourselves on creating handmade quality, and somewhat quirky, products, that are not only beautiful to look at, but practical too. Most of the products we make, we have in our home, or use in our work so we know how wonderful they can be. Which is one of the reasons we are so passionate about our business and want others to enjoy our items too.

Wood is the new plastic…

We are not a perfect business, but we are constantly adapting and evolving. Researching, talking to customers and coming up with new ideas, some that are awesome, some, well not so much…. Spending 16 years in a classroom has taught me a lot of things, but as they say, every day’s a school day and I’m always happy to learn new things.

We are trying to be a single use plastic free business and I feel that we have achieved that by 95%. Our only struggle at the moment is with packing tape…. but we are looking into alternatives. All ideas welcome!

Sitting down as a family to watch Blue Planet has shown us how beautiful our world truly is. But even our boys are aware of the issues with pollution, as not only do these programmes address it, but they are also taught about its effects in school, which is fabulous. It will be this generation that will have to take the reigns and lead the way, so the more they know the more they can do. Knowledge is power!

Plastic is causing such a massive problem for our world, our oceans, wildlife, pollution and the fact that it takes hundreds of years to breakdown. Now. I’m not standing here saying that plastic doesn’t have it’s place, as I believe it does, it’s the single use plastic where I have my issue. These are created and utilised by huge companies. Now, if small businesses like Harty’s can have a go and make a small difference, then surely they should be leading the way? If only it didn’t always come down to money, as ultimately it is our Earth that will pay the price for our actions, and our future generations will suffer.

Talking of large companies leading the way, I have recently discovered that SC Johnson, you know the household cleaning product people? Well, they are dedicated to increasing plastic reuse and stopping plastic pollution. You can read all about their global commitments here and I’m pretty impressed!

“Together with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and other global organisations, we are making ambitious commitments and taking united action to create a new plastics economy that helps stop plastic from becoming waste.”

Fisk Johnson, Chairman and CEO of SC Johnson

Read all about the Ellen MacArthur Foundation here and see the amazing work that they are doing to help eradicate plastic pollution.

A massive hi-5 to everyone involved from Harty’s!

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At our local primary school rescuing solid beech chairs that were on their way to the tip.

At our local primary school rescuing solid beech chairs that were on their way to the tip.

We pride ourselves on knowing where every piece of wood comes from and what it is turned into. We are like the Superheroes of the wood world, finding sad pieces of wood, rescuing them and turning them into something truly amazing! I’ll just have to think of a Superhero name and a catchy theme tune for Arran and I, not forgetting some awesome Super Suits. Think it maybe time to hit the gym again!

Answers on a postcard please!

Some examples include solid beech chairs from a local school refurb that were being thrown out, discarded oak from a staircase renovation in a house round the corner and my own personal favourite, which was an old table in a neighbours garden….

Harty's making things beautiful again

So what’s new?

Although our hand engraving was pretty awesome, it restricted what we could offer to both our domestic and commercial customers. We were continually being asked to engrave things on our products that were above and beyond the talent at Harty’s. So really, we weren’t offering what our customers actually want. You see our dilemma?

We were always going to put a huge time, consideration and investment into this area of our business and we are now pleased to say that we are up and running and noticing a massive difference already, through interactions, comments, enquiries and orders.

Which is fabulous!

So what can we actually now produce?

The possibilities are endless, I mean, how big is your imagination? In short, we can put things on wood!

Logos, brands, pictures, quotes, names, dates, different fonts, websites, you name it!

At the moment the focus is on business logos and branding as this is what we need at Harty’s for the variety of markets that we trade at throughout the year.

A touch of professionalism is always welcome where business is concerned.

Any business no matter how big or small, that orders one of our business items with a custom engraving such as a logo, website or text, will get a featured spot on our Business Gallery Page with a photo, link to a webpage and a synopsis of their business.

Promoting each other and celebrating each other’s successes is essential in business.

“Supporting others won’t ever dampen your success!”

If there is something that you’d like, but we don’t have on our site, then please contact us to discuss your requirements. Regardless of how big or small the project, we are always happy to help!

Thank you for reading!