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About us

Harty’s have been handcrafting personalised wooden gifts since 2004 from the suburbs of Manchester.

We are a family business run by Arran and Helena. One being the muscle and the other the brains...although we’re not sure which one does which...HARTY’S website is just one of the many adventures we’ve taken together.

All our products are 100% handmade and where possible we use reclaimed wood to ensure that we are as environmentally friendly as we can be. The majority of the wood we utilise is discarded and destined to be thrown away to rot. We see this as an opportunity to give wood a new life. We especially like to make things personalised and unique, that way it’s yours. Just like carving our own names into a tree trunk when we were young falling in love, your wooden gifts can last a lifetime.

We like to think of our customers as friends we are yet to meet, or even part of our family. You may even get a Christmas card if you’re lucky... and we strive for 100% excellent customer service from start to finish, because that’s what friends are for!

Over the years we have created a range of items for our own home (furnishings, kitchen items, shelves and personalised gifts for each other) this then extended to other close friends, including commissioned pieces, and as someone once said... “If you can work doing something you love, you’ll never work again”. So here we are, sharing our story, and our handmade wooden gifts with new people. We hope you get to enjoy the beautiful things we create as much as we enjoy making them.

Arran & Helena

We thank you for visiting our website.

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Finishing Touches

Not only are all our products handmade, but our engraving is also carried out by hand, and a steady one at that!

We feel that this adds tonnes of character to your personalised wood gifts and a unique quality that you won’t find with machined text or lasers.

We absolutely endeavour to create words that are beautiful to look at for a lifetime of memories.

Why a wooden gift?

Each wooden gift you hand to your lucky recipient will be as unique as they are. The wood will have been crafted and handmade with care, making sure it is a long lasting gift. Harty’s choose to keep designs simple, and quirky as life is too complicated already. Wood is timeless, and each piece of wood has a distinctive character to another, this can be found in all the wooden gifts that we stock. We let the wood speak for itself. 

Personalise Your Wooden Gifts

Whether you are choose something for yourself, or for someone special to you, Harty’s can customise your chosen purchase. Our products are engraved by hand, once again making each and every personalised wood gift we hand over to our customers, completely unique every time. We do not use lasers or machines to do it for us, each product is personalised by hand. 

Wooden Gift Ideas

Anniversary - Wood is a traditional gift given for a 5th wedding anniversary, and this is an opportunity to personalise your wooden gift your way. Say I love you with a name or a special message to your loved one. 

Wedding Gifts - All our wood gifts are made from solid wood that will last a lifetime. We think this is a perfect message for a wedding present. A chopping board or serving platter will be a reminder every time they use it.

Christmas Gifts -  Harty’s whiskey sticks or bottle openers are ideal stocking fillers or secret Santa presents, as well as our photo holders or a bedside tray. Christmas doesn’t need to be plastic, it can be warm and traditional, just like the wood itself.

Just a quick look at how we engrave our handmade items in our Manchester workshop.

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Wooden Dreams.....

For bespoke items that you can’t see here please contact us, we are more than happy to help you create your dreams. 

Alternatively if you have a bigger project in mind, then please head over to our sister site...